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Repeal Closed Primaries

Open Primaries is leading the fight in legislatures and courtrooms to repeal closed primaries.

Let the party insiders and special interests know you will fight for everyone’s right to vote.

Tell the Politicians: Repeal Closed Primaries!

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Don’t let party insiders and special interests choose our general election candidates.

  • Primaries are funded by taxpayers
  • Yet, if you don’t join a party, you can’t vote
  • Even though, half the electorate doesn’t like either party
  • Let your representatives know: We pay for the elections and we think it’s time to let all voters vote!

The Rise of Independent Voters

Repeal Taxpayer Funding of Closed Primaries!

American voters have been loud and clear — we want our primary elections open.

The 2022 primaries are here and more and more Americans who choose not to affiliate with a party will be BARRED from voting in the most important round of elections: the primaries. Over 80% of 2020’s state and federal elections were determined in the primaries. 

Our primary elections are taxpayer funded.

Yet, special interests want to determine who gets a voice in choosing their representation.

The Time is NOW to Support Open Primaries!

We can no longer afford to prop up exclusionary, closed election systems where partisan insiders and special interests take priority OVER regular Americans.

Now is the time to speak up.

Don’t let special interests and party insiders—not people like us—choose our general election candidates.

Sign to stand up for the right of ALL voters to vote in OUR taxpayer funded primaries!

Help repeal closed primaries!